Lonely Time

I can't go home if you're not there...

Premiered on September 17, 2001!

You are a typical salaried man who came home from work one evening. You found out that your dear-pet-cat is gone! You hurried out and searched throughout the city... When you wandered around with a pet food in hand, you found a cat's shadow! You hoped it was your cat... Call her name, give food, etc., while you watch her mood closely! If you get tired, eat your favorite ramen in the ramen restaurant or take bath at the public bath and regain your stamina! Can you catch your cat successfully!?

Freeware for Macintosh (Donations welcome)
System: Mac OS 7-9.2(Classic)
CPU: 68k or PPC
Monitor that supports 256 colors

Vers. 1.1 Now Released



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Main Map Miscellaneous

How to Catch Your Cat with Certainty

There are a lot of Dangers in the City!

Hidden Events!

Main Map Miscellaneous
This is the main map screen.
Imagine as if you are actually walking in the city and let's go search for your cat!
  1. Your cat is wandering somewhere on this map (Players will not see the cat here). You will meet her if you choose the same location as she does. Other cats show up at various places completely at random.
  2. You can simply double click and move to the zoom-in area. This way, you will mostly use the mouse for an easy play. However, watch out for your stamina because it declines more this way than when you walk with the arrow-keys.
  3. Your stamina declines sharply when a car or bike runs over you. Whenever you get lost in the map, click on the Home icon and check your location right away to avoid getting hit.
  4. Search every corners of the city and you may find a wallet somewhere. Get it! (In the real world, make sure you take it to the police box)
  5. Back Ground Music will change in the map screen depending on your progress of events other than a cat search.


How to Catch Your Cat with Certainty
[Silouette] You will see this silouette when a cat is present. However, you cannot distinguish it from your cat and the neighbor's cat. You may click and check which cat it is, but if it is the neighbor's cat, your stamina will go down. If it is your cat, you will slightly regain stamina even when you fail to catch her.
[Panicked] Your cat is in a panic if she escapes from you immediately after you click on her. In this case, give up and hope for the next attempt.
[Angry] Your cat may seem angry and escape from you repeatedly. In this case, give food to her. Your cat will kick it away, but she will think twice about it soon.
[Sleep] You have a good chance of catching your cat if she is asleep when you find her. Call her name gingerly yet lovingly to keep her calm.
[Friendly] You are very lucky if your cat already appears friendly. Give food, click, and hug your beloved cat! If you forget to give food here, she will escape regardless of her good mood. Perhaps, she may still want to look around the outside world.

There are a lot of Dangers in the City!
You may encounter a lot of things besides cats when you walk in city.
However, there are some dangerous actions you can take...
Watch out!!


LTcat.gifHidden Events!LTcat.gif
Hikari Event
Hikari is the heroine of the game. She works at the ramen restaurant near the police box. First, let Hikari know about your missing cat. Something may happen next!
Moody Event
Moody shows up here and there in the TAKESHI SAKAI's game. He has a mysterious mission this time... What is he searching for? Check out the police box after 8 minutes of play!
A Valuable Secret to Know
You can check the time while you're playing! Click the black area in the upper right corner of the main map screen. You can check how much time has past! But you never need to rush. Take time and play!
Hidden Characters, too!
They are some of the familiar characters in TAKESHI SAKAI's games (Japanese versions). These special characters will show up at various places at certain time. How many can you find them?

Hidden Characters
Drunkard, A kid in the bath, Maki, Homeless dog John, School boy, Thief, Bicycle girl, A couple in the public bath, Baby and Mom, Owner of the public bath, Goro, Ruffian, Soap bubbler, Tandem motorcycle riders, A bird in front of the public bath, Old woman, Flower, and more!


This screen is a snapshot of the game under development. It may be different from the actual screen in the game.

LThikari.gif"I wonder if Mr. Sakai is doing well..."

LTman.gif"I heard that there is an Author's Room somewhere within the game."

LTcat.gif"Check out the Rare Tracks, too" (Japanese version only)

English translation by studio a priori